By now, most of us probably heard about UK voting to leave EU. There are many commentaries on this topic. One of the questions people are asking is this: Is there a chance that the UK could stay in the EU despite voting to leave?

Yes, there is a scenario where the UK could remain in the EU despite the outcome of the referendum. The UK’s next general election is scheduled to be held on May 7, 2020; however, it may be held earlier due to a vote of no confidence. Such an election could result in a pro-remain government being elected, which orders a second referendum vote where voters this time choose to remain in the EU.

If the UK falls into a recession, such a scenario could materialize. In this referendum 72.2% of the electorate participated, if a second referendum is held, it is likely that we could see higher voter participation. Given how close the vote was 51.9% vs 48.1%, a different turnout could result in a different outcome.

While the news of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union continues to unfold in the global markets, international returns are only marginally down from levels seen a week ago. As developments occur and markets continue to react, you will undoubtedly have questions. We’ve compiled a number of client-approved resources (unless otherwise noted) that you can leverage when having conversations about this unprecedented move and its impact on the markets.

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