Money Management Educators Sacramento

Since 1989, Money Management Educators has been presenting its Seminars series to a variety of companies throughout Northern California – both large and small. Staffed with volunteer instructors, we are an ‘education only’ company. Our team is passionate about financial wellness education and is committed to teaching others how to take ownership of their financial future.

While 401(k) providers may bake seminar costs into their overall fees, we provide our educational services for free. As a supplemental employee benefit, our group seminars and individual employee education sessions have proven to help employees implement real change in their lives through a better understanding of time-tested wealth accumulation and protection principles and how these can impact their overall health and well-being.


To equip people with the tools for financial success.


Our comprehensive SEMINARS are highly interactive using workbooks that attendees are encouraged to complete themselves. Our hands-on education workshops are specifically designed and presented to motivate and engage our audience



Our INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS provide employees with the Macro Asset Perspective® (MAP) – our highly customized financial success program. Participants have found MAP to be an extremely valuable tool to help visualize and achieve short-term and long-term financial goals.



Our GOLD KEY ELITE SERVICES are reserved for employees for whom you would like to provide a premium individualized benefit. These key employees, and their families, are given personal access to our instructors. They also receive dedicated Gold Key phone and email access for scheduling with our instructors.


Here are some of our most popular seminar topics.

This discussion is designed for those closing in on their retirement years. We touch on the particular problems associated with the “Conservation Phase” of life and provide some insights into the changes necessary to succeed during this period.

This session is designed for those in the “Accumulation Phase” of life. We help develop a realistic overview of how to set and reach financial goals as well as an orientation to the various elements of building one’s financial house.

This workshop is for anyone interested in protecting his or her assets from unnecessary loss, taxation, and erosion. We discuss the benefits of proper estate planning, the issues regarding Wills and Living Trusts as well as the Probate Process.

This session examines how the protection elements of wealth management can be coordinated with accumulation strategies to help ensure that financial goals are met regardless of unforeseen circumstances.

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