Want to be the next self-made multimillionaire? Follow these 10 tips

Grant Cardone

A million dollars will bring you financial security. You’ve been told this lie your whole life, likely by almost everyone you know. In reality, it’s not enough to bring you real security. In fact, it’s not even close.

You need to aim for wealth that can’t be destroyed by an accident, cancer, a car crash or some other unexpected tragedy. Any one of those unhappy surprises could wipe out a million dollars over night.

Don’t miscalculate what you need to be rich and prosperous. One million divided by 25 years is only $40,000 a year or $3,333 a month. That’s not enough to live and feel truly secure.

Here are ten tips you need to know to reach multimillionaire status.

1. Decide to become a multimillionaire

Focus on being a multimillionaire, not a millionaire. Aim high. It’s better to fail high, instead of setting a target too low. Don’t miscalculate what you’ll need. As you earn, learn to repeat the model and process. Frequency is the way to greatness.

2. Stop all poverty behavior

Having the wrong mindset will hold you back from getting what you want. Refusing to invest in yourself, refusing to network and travel is a self-defeating approach. Pinching pennies and worrying about each dollar is not going to make you financially independent. Investing in the right things and spending money to make money is the right approach.

3. Study two multimillionaires

Study, watch, learn and emulate the moves and behaviors of wealthy, successful people. (Remember, look for people with net worths of more than $10,000,000. Those with less than that amount are interested in conservation and not creation.)

Read the books these people write and watch the videos they create. Read autobiographies and profiles written about them. Build an understanding for what they’ve done and what they haven’t done. Keep notes and keep track of what you want to implement for yourself. You might be inspired by something they did and convert it into something that aligns with what you are doing.

4. Work like a multimillionaire

Now is not the time to relax, it’s the time to reset. The multimillionaire mindset is about putting in the hours to create the wealth. Some research finds that self-made millionaires read at least two-books a month. Bill Gates has read up to 60 books a year. Warren Buffett has said he spends 80 percent of his day reading. Improve yourself and your mind with research, studying and learning.

5. Move from spending to investing

Spend to invest. I’d rather invest $1,000 than spend $100. Use your money to create more money. For example, going to dinner with just my wife is spending. If we go to dinner with a potential client or with someone to network, then it becomes an investment in furthering our business.

6. Create multiple flows of income

A successful multimillionaire has many, many flows of income. Develop your first flow, which is usually your primary job. Then find a synergistic flow that complements the first one, such as a bonus at work or a commission. For your third flow, look to an investment or something you can do after hours that can create passive cash flow.

7. Expand your network

Spend your time with customers. You need to spend your time with people who are buying or will buy from you. Every week, get new contacts, meet new people and seek out new places. Don’t hang out with your same friends all the time. Visit where your prospects will be. They probably won’t be at a dive bar, but maybe the country club or church, for instance.

8. Never lose money

Don’t speculate with your investments. Go for the sure thing. Don’t spend money on things that won’t move yourself or your business forward. Don’t go for the get-rich quick scheme. For instance, real estate is a real asset, one that you can see and that’s tangible. It’s an investment for the long-term and that’s why it’s appealing to me.

9. Make hard decisions fast

Don’t delay doing something hard. Do it quick. Adding more time to a problem or situation doesn’t make it easier to solve. Think about what’s best for your success, make sure it’s ethical and do what you need to do. Rip the Band-aid off fast instead of a slow, painful tug.

10. Never quit and never settle

Keep climbing and keep attaining. Never coast. It’s your duty to be successful. And, that means hard work, discipline and commitment.

New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur Grant Cardone owns and operates four companies.

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