What are perks that most employees would love to have at work? A survey from Robert Half reports on the benefits, perks, and incentives that are the most enticing to job candidates and employees.

According to the report, the top most wanted employee benefits are health insurance (88 percent) and paid time off, including vacation, sick days, and paid holidays (80 percent). The most wanted perk (also at 88 percent) is a flexible work schedule followed by the top desired incentive – an annual or biannual bonus (77 percent).

Review this handy infographic that compares how what employees want matches up with what employers offer, including:

The Benefits, Perks, and Incentives Employees Want

  • Health insurance: 88%
  • Flexible work schedule: 88%
  • Paid time off: 80%
  • Bonus: 77%
  • Dental insurance: 71%
  • Compressed work week: 66%
  • Telecommuting: 55%
  • Retirement savings plan: 48%
  • Profit sharing plan: 49%
  • Sign on bonus: 49%

The Benefits, Perks, and Incentives Employers Offer

  • Health insurance: 69%
  • Paid time off: 67%
  • Flexible work schedule: 62%
  • Bonus: 44%
  • Retirement savings plan: 42%
  • Dental insurance: 37%
  • Profit sharing plan: 33%
  • Sign on bonus: 19%
  • Compressed work week: 17%
  • Telecommuting: 14%

How Can You Get Better Benefits and Perks?

There are some company benefits, like health insurance and life insurance, for example, that probably won’t be negotiable. There are some perks that you may be able to negotiate as part of a job offer when you’re changing employment. For example, a higher bonus could be negotiated as part of your compensation plan, or a flexible schedule or extra vacation time could be agreed upon as a condition of employment.

What’s negotiable depends on the organization, company policy, and how much the company is willing to give to get you on board. If handled carefully, you may be able to counter offer and negotiate at least some of the incentives or benefits you’d love to have in your next new job.

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