Employees are willing to quit their jobs if they can’t relocate

Employees want the freedom to choose where they will spend their days working. Many of them are willing to stake their future at a company over it.

In a new survey of 1,000 employees and human resources representatives by Wakefield Research and Topia, more than one-fifth of U.S. professionals — 22% — said they have quit a job directly because they were denied the opportunity to transfer to a different location, and even 10% of those employees said they had done it more than just one time.

Why flexibility around moving drives employees to quit

Bad communication between managers and employees seems to be driving the drastic action to quit over not being able to move. In many cases, employees said they were not aware they could relocate cities with their job. According to the survey of HR professionals, 99% of them said they offered relocation as an option, but over 40% of American employees surveyed said their employer did not communicate this option to them.

The strong desire to relocate is not just about the transfer itself, but about a desire for autonomy in the workplace. When your manager does not let you move to a different company location, what they are saying is that they control how and where you conduct your work. And many employees cannot handle this ultimatum.

Flexibility has what has long been what can keep a good employee to stay or push them to quit. A Ladders survey found that flexible hours was the top desired perk Millennials wanted. When your company allows you to work flexibly, they signal that they are committed in your personal professional development, and that commitment, in turn, inspires loyalty.

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