The Pros and Cons of Financing Options

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A 2015 survey found that nearly half of small employers (with fewer than 500 employees) applied for credit in the previous 12 months. Even though the credit market has become friendlier overall, small companies still have a more difficult time

These big companies had a terrible 2016

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by Jethro Mullen CNN Money  @CNNMoneyInvest It’s been a tumultuous year on many fronts. In the business world, some big names have gone through particularly grueling times in 2016. Here are the ones that we think had a year they’d

What not to expect in 2017

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by The Economist How the markets may take investors by surprise IF 2016 was a year of shocks, what will the next 12 months bring? It is time for the annual tradition (dating all the way back to 2015) when

The year of Brexit and Trump: 2016 in charts

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by The Economist The world economy in 2016 in nine charts.

Finance news you need to know today

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HERE are five things making news in business and finance today. 1. SYDNEY — The Australian dollar has dropped against its US counterpart. The local currency was trading at 72.03 US cents at 0630 AEDT on Friday, down from 72.45

Nokia sues Apple for infringing patents, industry back on war footing

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By Eric Auchard and Jussi Rosendahl | BELGRADE/HELSINKI / Reuters Nokia Corp (NOKIA.HE) said on Wednesday it had filed a number of lawsuits against Apple Inc (AAPL.O) for violating 32 technology patents, striking back at the iPhone maker’s legal action

Oil Rises to 15-Month High on U.S. Supply Drop, OPEC Optimism

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by  Jessica Summers / Bloomberg Oil jumped to a 15-month high in New York after the government reported that U.S. crude inventories unexpectedly fell last week and Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said many nations are willing to join OPEC output cuts. Futures

Deutsche Bank in crisis: three things to think about

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By FN Staff/ 10.01.16  Investors tire of Deutsche’s rollercoaster ride… Top investors have begun to insist Deutsche Bank needs a rescue, even though it insists it doesn’t want one, following a week of turmoil in which its shares see-sawed and

World Trade Set for Slowest Yearly Growth Since Global Financial Crisis

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WTO cuts world trade growth forecast to 1.7% in 2016 By PAUL HANNON and WILLIAM MAULDIN Wall Street Journal Updated Sept. 27, 2016 5:16 p.m. ET   World trade will this year grow at the slowest pace since the global


Tri Tool Inc. makes custom-designed, precision portable machine tools for clients in the U.S. and around the world. That means the Rancho Cordova-based firm faces all the competitive challenges of a globalized economy — and needs every advantage it can find.

The company found one by adopting new technologies to cut power costs.

Tri Tool, an internationally-recognized manufacturing firm, was already benefiting from SMUD’s reliable electricity delivery and low rates. But their facilities team, led by Joel Walton, was looking for even more operational efficiencies. He posed the challenge to SMUD’s Leah Pertl, a Key Accounts Energy Advisor at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

One of the first projects to achieve significant results involved the lighting in Tri Tool’s large parking area. “We replaced existing parking lot lighting that was 1,000-watts per bulb with 400-watt LED bulbs,” Joel Walton noted. Because the LED lighting was compatible with an advanced lighting control system, the advantage was even greater.

“In the middle of the night, when no one is in the parking lot, we can drop that wattage down to under 200 watts a pole,” Walton said.

An even more significant breakthrough came through changes in the facility’s cooling system. Like most conventional air conditioning, cooling equipment in the Tri Tool plant production area tended to lose efficiency as temperatures rose — just when cooling was needed most. This drove up energy costs and hurt the company’s bottom line.

Pertl took this challenge back to her team of SMUD energy experts. The solution was surprisingly old-school: a variation on the traditional swamp cooler. SMUD recommended an Australian system called Climate Wizard, which uses a similar principle but is far more powerful.

Installation of Climate Wizard at Tri Tool was the first test of this 60-ton, 24,000-cubic-feet-per-minute indirect evaporative system in the U.S. It was designed to supplement the 90-ton HVAC unit that was ill-equipped to handle cooling in the plant production area.

In addition to substantial energy savings – the system uses 80 percent less energy than conventional large HVAC systems – the facility has realized additional benefits. These include improved air quality, lower humidity and an enhanced working environment for workers and machinery.

“Everything we’ve done with SMUD has been driven by solving a business problem,” Walton said. “In the process, we ended up saving energy.”

Taken together, the energy-saving projects cut the company’s power bill by 25 percent, he said.

It might be surprising that SMUD would be so eager to help a major customer reduce the amount of electricity it purchases. The publicly-owned utility says saving energy is compatible with its core mission. Helping business customers succeed with lower operating costs is, in the long run, good for the business, Pertl said.

“That’s why I have a real passion for working with our business community,” she said. “When they succeed, Sacramento and our region succeed.”

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Businesses making installment payments on outstanding liabilities owed to the state Board of Equalization can now file a single claim for refunds that covers all prior and future overpayments of taxes, under a law signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown.


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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff would have bid as much as $26 billion for business networking site LinkedIn, VentureBeat reports, after parsing through a new LinkedIn securities filing. Dubbed “Party A” in the SEC filing, it’s clear that Benioff was willing


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IT WAS not so long ago—four years back—that a former Google executive, Marissa Mayer (pictured), arrived to run Yahoo, and its employees hung posters emblazoned with her face and the word “Hope” around the internet firm’s office, in a nod


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By now, most of us probably heard about UK voting to leave EU. There are many commentaries on this topic. One of the questions people are asking is this: Is there a chance that the UK could stay in the


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Although fears of a possible vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union had been growing, most U.S. analysts and bankers believed the chances of the “Brexit” push succeeding were unlikely. But after Britain shocked the world by

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