Our annual list of the highest-paid female executives in the Bay Area shows the broad range of talent lighting up the region’s C-suites — and the big salaries that come with those positions.

Check out our slideshow below of the 30 highest-paid women executives in the Bay Area. Some quick facts: The total combined compensation for all 30 weighed in at $360.7 million with the average salary at $12 million. That’s a higher average salary than last year ($8.4 million).

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All data was supplied by Equilar, an executive compensation solutions firm, and based on total compensation for the most recent fiscal year, in most cases 2015.

The biggest surprise? Many of the women on this year’s list make significantly less this year than last, a testament to how having a salary tied to stock options can be affected by a wobbly stock market.

Also of interest is the re-claiming of the top spot by Oracle Corp.’s Safra Catz, who was bumped down last year by Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online stores. Both appear on this year’s top 30 list, but you may be surprised by the seven new faces.

– By : Riley McDermid, S-F Business Times Date : 31-May-2016

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