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Stephanie is the Marketing and Communications Director with Money Management Educators; connecting with companies within the greater Sacramento and the Silicon Valley area to coordinate financial education seminars for their employees. Clearly understanding that a happy employee is a productive employee, she provides resources for companies to keep their employees happy, informed, and prepared for their future.. She has a wide breadth of abilities, including marketing content creation, editing, promotional materials, public relations, and technical writing. Stephanie is passionate about clear and effective messaging and approaches tasks with creativity and ingenuity. She believes it is crucial to provide Money Management seminars to empower individuals for their own personal financial success. Believing that "failing to plan, is planning to fail", she wants to make certain that each client: each employee as well as each employer has the proper tools to make educated decisions for their future.

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced financial services professionals who volunteer a portion of their time to provide education. They maintain a rigorous schedule of continuing education as required by their respective disciplines and regulatory organizations.

Our instructors are real world practitioners who are selected from the top of their field. Many are contributing editors to our bi-monthly newsletter, Financial News Digest. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and about helping others reach their financial potential.


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